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Well, the problem is that if they were aiming for realism, the Commander would never leave and we'd be the ones stuck doing paperwork or coordinating troop movements (kinda like Malcom's job and how he laments leaving the action behind). The "fun" part of the game is the front-lines stuff, so they kinda have to "handwave" off the actual "commanding" part to the folks who stay behind the lines (Theron/Lana/Cullen/Leliana/Josephine). And throughout most of FE/ET (I love that it says "feet" lulz), you're locked out of Theron and Lana as companions because they're the ones actually doing the coordinating and "leading" and you're doing the grunt stuff. So yeah, you're totally a figurehead. Maybe it would be easier to think of the Commander that way. Why they thought they'd need a figurehead is beyond me though...that's another handwave. I could see maybe the Jedi Battlemaster or a Dark Council member, because you're already leaders of the people (especially the Dark Council member) but it's kinda hard to handwave a Smuggler or a Bounty Hunter or an Agent who has always lived in the shadows. Most of the classes I really don't get why they weren't just left in carbonite...but *handwave* they're important. :P

And yeah, it would be nice to see the actual "After Zakuul" versions of the planets. I was just on Alderaan starting the Star Fortress stuff (which I still can't complete yet solo *sigh*) and it was mixed right in with the original planet. I guess I can see that they'd have to devote more resources into building two different versions of every single planet, but I do get it. Kinda like how it's never sat well with me that you can just go tool around in the old fleet if you sided with the other faction.

And BTW thank you for the figurehead stuff, but now it's got me thinking that I need to touch on that in my my character questioning why they woke her up in the first place (other than the fact that Theron's in love with her). Or why she's even in charge when really, she's not.
Herp derp I never saw this reply but since the thread is now revived I might as well respond ^_^

I definitely agree with you that it makes no sense for the Smuggler, Agent, and BH to be this key figure that Lana thinks she needs to have as a figurehead. It makes sense for the force using classes and maybe even the trooper, but the girl who shoots random people for money? The guy who slept his way across the galaxy and stole a bunch of stuff? The girl who lives in the shadows that nobody's heard of? The whole "realistically the leader of a big and powerful organization wouldn't be doing grunt work or fighting on the front lines" is true and it's why I hate it when our character becomes the leader of a large organization. Leader of a small band of outlaws? Fine. Leader of an elite squad of soldiers? Great. In Mass Effect for example, Shepard was the leader of one ship, one crew, one small group of fighters and was both elite but also had the freedom and story logic to be in the thick of things. Shepard never became a councilor on the Presidium yet continued to fight and not do his councilor duties more than lip service (like the outlander and inquisitor) and making him into that would have been very detrimental to the story IMO. BioWare in recent years seems to want to make all the stakes higher in that the world/galaxy has to be in some huge extinction level threat with some super powerful bombastic villain and make our characters into the most powerful and important and bestest person in the world/galaxy. The new lead up stuff with Theron points to more of the same. They've forgotten that world ending events and lofty social positions aren't necessary for a good story and those things on their own aren't enough to make the story good. Sometimes they can be actively negative.