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Thanks oredith and Meltheran! This kind of detailed feedback on what you're looking for is really helpful. Hope to see more similar posts from others!
On my healing Operative I would like to see true target forwarding, like exists in LotRO. Meaning if I have a boss targeted and fire a heal, it heals the bosses target, and vice-versa aiming attacks through the tank.

This is not (as some people would argue) out of laziness; it's a question of economics and efficiency. If a fight is going well, if I'm not needed full time for heals and buffs, and aggro is not an issue it would be nice to be able to pop off a few shots in my rotation. As it stands now, I can't do this because if my tank takes a burst of damage or the boss needs a quick interrupt, I have scramble to change targets and even with focus that can take a split second too long.