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in my experience the people that suggest going for damage or endurance instead of mitigation rely on their healers. for pugs it is hard to say, since half the community will call you a nub no matter what you choose...
That could be true for tanks who go as far as get alacrity and crit (and still, it's not) but defense amount on 258 gear is just waaay too high. You are hurting yourself if you don't change to power.

The difference in mitigation between 2k and 4 k defense is negligible (and anyway, it's DCDs that mitigate most of the important attacks, not stats). While the difference between having 2k extra power and not having it is much more noticable.

Another way to look at it: people cleared Nims while tanking in 242 gear. Why would you need more tank stats than what we had back then? Especially, as healers also became stronger with new gear. Even if you are not "relying" on your healers, it is still true that you are allowed to take more damage (and again, you won't, even with 2k power and 700 crit). Following tactics and using right DCDs at the right time is infinitely more important for your survival and DTPS than even thousands of stats.