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06.06.2019 , 04:19 AM | #2
Losing 1k-1.5k defence rating wouldn't have had such an effect.

Defense rating has nothing to do with how much damage you take. It only gives you a chance to take no damage at all. By swapping mods out you lose at worst 5-7% Defense chance, it's nothing.

Also, losing 20-30% at once is perfectly fine. How much total health do you have? If it's on a lower side, then some hits might feel huge percentage-wise. At the very least you should have 135k health, if we are talking augmented 248+ gear.

P.S. Just noticed you said 20-30% in a few hits. Certain bosses, especially in Nim can almost one-shot the tank, even when he is full geared, has a correct rotation and uses defenses. It's normal. That's what healers are for - they should help you survive huge hits by pre-casting bubble/HoTs on you and healing you up after the hit happens.