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Sorry but I don't think Jacen could take on Darth Vader, Galen Marek, and Ben Skywalker at the same time. If you're going to give Caedus an apprentice, at least give him one that wouldn't jump ship or try to run him through at the first opportunity...
This is purely to make things interesting. Galen Marek would turn on Vader immediately as well, he hates Vader and the entire plot of the tFU is him seeking revenge on Vader (who, you know, killed his father)

Since this is a fantasy comparison, and most Kaggath combatants have no real reason to fight each other anyways (they're mostly from different time periods anyways) it keeps things very close to have a powerful apprentice for each combatant. Ben and Galen are each distinct enough from their masters to complement them in intriguing ways while still being able to compete in the fight without being hopelessly outclassed the way Tahiri would.
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