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06.06.2017 , 05:47 PM | #115
Everything is updated with all the records that counted!

I actually had one of my own to add,
Despon - Ocula - Harbinger - 38 Kills + Assists

Got all of yours that counted up online, though for this one:
Dal-ben (Tae-gun) - Condor - <Order of Legends> - Shadowlands - 17 solo kills

Do you have a screenshot that shows the 17 solo kills dialog? Also, what a weird match that seems to have been.

While it was awesome, your 35 k+a game didn't quite make the grade even before my 38 (Xi'ao had 37). Impressive DPS there, though.

Thanks, everyone, for participating. I am considering starting a fresh new records thread when 5.2.2 hits and the requisition gains are changed. Usually we would have waited for a significant change to the actual gameplay mechanics for this, but I feel it might be beneficial to have a clean slate for people to fill back up and get some new names on there. The game has changed a bit since DvL brought in more players, in tone and constitution. Thoughts?

- Despon