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So, why doesn't the OP just remove General Chat from his chat tabs? That's the first thing I do in all my new characters.

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gold sellers
TOR is the third Star Wars MMO and none have ever had a gold seller in them.

Credit Sellers on the other hand have been a real threat.

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SWG did not have general chat. Everything that said was said in a chat bubble. Face to face talking very good for the community

That being said I would love if /say had a chat bubble, then i would just turn ofg general chat and be immersed. The good thing about general chat is /say was in chat bubble is that there would be less non sense in the chat bubbles.
Amen. Seriously, it's 2012 and TOR doesn't have chat bubbles. People are griping about rated warzones and other frivolous themepark garbage yet TOR doesn't have the 15+ year MMO standard of chat bubbles?! Misplaced priorities!!
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