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I'm not so sure I'd go so far as calling it a soft relaunch. Not even close. I'm not trying to be a wet blanket or to be a downer, I just don't share quite the same enthusiasm as you do, Zion. I hope you're right, but I felt excitement only to be let down too many times. I've learned to temper my expectations.

The only time my excitement was justified where I was truly stoked by the outcome was Shadow of Revan. That was the best one in my opinion.

It's hard to tell from a 28-second clip if anything meaningful will happen, or if choices will really mean anything, and as always my concern is, 'are evil people going to be punished (seeing as I play evil people) by being robbed of romance options' and such. I think evil characters deserve some love too.

All this said, if it does surpass expectations and turns out to be great fun, I'll be among the first to say so. Until then, colour me cautious.
welcome back luna, i havent seen you in a long long time.
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