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y too much about NiM EC since I only beat the first boss right now. I parse over 2000 dps on the dummy, and our group can barely beat enrage on Toth and Zorn. Our group have 2 melee though, and we lose a lot of dps during the red circle/berserk phase. From what I have seen, NiM Kephess will require a lot of burst AoE, so you need to balance out the classes your bring as well. (e.g.. 4x annihilation marauders will be bad..)
Our sentinel jumps on Zorn during that phase, and jumps back on Toth when the circle fades.We even maximize our DPs, since Toth recieves less damage during his berserk. With 3 DPS on Zorn, we can even avoid a jump and the life of the tanks are a lot easier