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Hey everyone,

My guild has recently expanded about seven trillion times and we are in the process of redoing our ops schedule with an eye to remaining and inclusive, social guild yet still getting some decent progression in. We have great healers, great tanks, but DPS is somewhat inconsistent. We're planning to institute a threshold system for harder ops (Denova HM and up). If your DPS is high enough, you're included on the roster, etc.

The problem is, most of the info I can find is contradictory and/or outdated. So I have no real idea what to set the thresholds at lol. Can't use my personal logs since I top DPS typically and that wouldn't be fair.

So anyway, if anyone knows the approximate DPS required for Denova HM, Nightmare Pilgrim, Asation HM, Denova NiM that would be tremendously helpful.
I just know the DPS required for Zorn and Toth HM (to avoid the enrage timer), something like 1200. 1200 DPS isn't that great, but is enough to avoid the enrage timer.