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But as of now, the issues are pretty clear and it's not just people wanting to get things with the bare amount of effort, so please, stop.
Except you're clearly aware of all of the resources the community has made available to you - through our own time and effort. It's not even that hard to learn anymore. There might not be a PVE mode but there are dozens of videos you can watch showcasing how to play. There are plenty of guides. There's an entire Discord server (with around 600 people) who are there to talk about GSF. They are happy to answer questions. See my signature.

Thanks to the new guild challenge tool you can even set up custom games to play around in where there is zero pressure or stakes. You don't need to be in a guild or have a group larger than four people to do this either.

The resources are there. We try very very hard to ensure that it's easy to learn the game mode because Bioware didn't. And can't, at this point.

Don't pretend that it's a question of resources, because it's not.