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Iíve have spent 85% of my time in this game as a madness sorc and the rest as healing sorc in pvp. I write entirely from a sorcerers perspective and I cannot entirely provide how effective or useful my ideas are in pve. Iíve tried to organize this the best I can but it may come out more as a stream of consciousness than a well thought out response. While not exactly on thread topic, I will also address some questions and concerns as a whole so I donít have to post in 3 different threads and can collate my thoughts here.

Potential Tactical Items

So I understand you want classes to ďplay as how they would like to playĒ. With that in mind, Iíve come up with a few tactical items that may help change establish different play styles for all 3 advanced specs for sorcs. I understand my requests might sound ridiculous but please bear with me until I reach to the part where I discuss balancing.

  • Replace Barrier w/ reflect
    Essentially this tactical item would make barrier into a reflective ability. You lose barrier but you gain a reflect on a shorter cooldown but a shorter duration.

  • Heal to full Barrier (exclusively for dps - not heals)
    Remove the utility for barrier only healing for a little and include a tactical item that allows the barrier to heal to full.

  • Moving force lightning
    Allowing the sorcs to move while channeling force lightning! (We discussed this at the catina, please donít break my heart)


These tactical items will help sorcs choose if they want to either be a sorc on the move or a more turrety sorc - in both dps and heal specs. The problem with having a sorc try and be turrety is that all the cooldowns remove the sorc from the fight. They have to sacrifice dps uptime to stay alive. Healing sorcs cannot turret because they donít have cooldowns that will also help healing uptime. They are forced to play on the move unless theyíre playing with teammates. This is also much more noticeable in 1v1s.

So to balance, you would remove the healing barrier utility right now entirely. Invulnerability to interrupts after barrier should become a final tier utility instead rather than feature of the ability. This would make sorcs a little bit more squishier if they choose to be on the move sorcs. Especially for sorcs who choose moving force lightning. Sorcs who want more uptime can choose to have the reflect and give up the barrier entirely. They can stand there and continue dpsing/healing w/ more output but are also...becoming more vulnerable. Heal to full barrier means they have to give up movement & uptime. Of course significant amount of healing should only happen if you stay in barrier for longer - really removing you from the fight. If you want invulnerability to stuns and interrupts after heal to full barrier - youíll have pick it as a utility as in the final tier as opposed to a few others. - idk, Iím not the developer - Iím just trying to justify my fantasies here lol

Set bonuses for different specs can also gear towards different play styles. For example, you can set bonus pieces for lightning sorcs that do what musco recommended. Chain lightning can become a massive aoe or can become a snipe - just changing the function rather than the dps. Single target sorcs may pic to be more turrety if set bonus allows for dps increase if standing still (ie casted instead of channeled) thus choosing to pick maybe reflect. Heals may like this if set bonus allows for boost to sitting still as well. Where there could be another set bonus that allows for more movement - maybe where an aoe sorc comes in. For madness, it could be that dots refresh with death field vs demolish and force leech doing more damage. You would want to increase the force cost of dots due to this - inserting a bit more force management help into the set bonus for single target madness (lol what an oxymoron).

Thatís my stream of consciousness. Onto my actual wishlist:

  • DoTs refresh with death field
    Ideally, I would love this just be an integral part of the a madness sorc. This more due to how a madness sorc should feel while playing rather than just a quality of life increase. I understand if something needs to be done balancing this - increase force cost of dots? - but please of all the things in this post, make this happen! (more than moving force lightning)

  • Changes to Teleport
    This is a QoL change that I would love, but never get. I feel port should be made of two abilities: one that places the port with no cd & the actually port ability. Also, if you use the port, the port doesnít vanish but rather sits there. If you wish to move the port, toggle the first ability and go to where you want to move it. Honestly, leaving the fight to place port is making me lose uptime - along with using the port. Sheesh. Just let me dps lol

  • Force storm slows people in range
    I feel like this is self explanatory. The effect obviously has a cd - cuz FS doesnít.
    Death field drops a miasma that damages people standing in the aoe and slows them down.
    This would make the whole ďtakes more damage from aoeĒ effect it has more viable lol. Of course, if you give me only one or the other, Iíll still be happy.

  • Switches my friendly pull into an enemy pull
    Friendly pull defensive utility turns into a debuff enemy utility.

  • Moving while in force barrier
    No ability to use my abilities but being rooted in spot is annoying lol at least let my rp walk in my barrier dammit - full duration, no self heal.

  • Overload taunts everyone it hits
    Literally just made this one up but Iím determined to get sorcs a taunt. I want a screenshot where I have the highest heals, damage, and prot pts in a match.

Iím not denying the fact that got more ridiculous towards the end. The next part should be on an overall thread but...Iím hoping Iím not writing this into the void and you see this because some of the stuff here for me is more important than any of the stuff above.

  1. Someone (Keith) during the cantina told me that it was annoying playing a mando because everyone just disappears from your range so he wants to give them a bleed/root to help keep people close. I believe...thatís called an ELECTRO NET and NO, they do not need A SECOND ONE. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. PLEASE. IíM BEGGING YOU.

  2. How is this system stupid proof? For example, you (Musco) told me during the cantina that you have gear sets for gathering/crafting/AH. I brought up the concern that if stats were kept at level and buffs for gathering was massively increased alacrity, whatís stopping me from bringing this into pvp and decimating people. You told me it would be like actual reduction to gathering time. What will stop people from bringing gear sets like this into pvp or pve? Will you give a notification that alerts people that their gear set might not be the best for the selected activity?

  3. Are you going to allow for set swapping during pvp? Will you also let us change tactical items? I would use one item for say guarding and one for dpsing. I may change them depending on the people I see on the other side, or the comp? This could be beneficial for pvers where they can change their items to suit the boss. Is it overpowered for pvp? Will you lock the items in pvp like you do to the utilities?

If you made it this far, prove it and say hi :P

(Weapons designer plsÖÖ.. <.<)