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Ol Pink eyes was cool a few years ago, now she's just...There? I'm tired of both Lana and Theron. The Story is getting boring. Yea, we're going back to Empire vs Republic. Old enemies never die they just come back. Pretty soon we'll see Revan and Valkorian again. We're kinda pigeon toed, We defeated Dread Masters and the next baddy and the next one etc. It nullifies our victories. We're the super baddy killer that keeps doing menial tasks. We should've died ramming Darth Marr's ship into the Eternal Fleet. Give us a fresh start as an Uncle Owen nobody generationally attached to our former character. Grow up on stories about how our great grandparent died a hero and we have legacy to uphold. A hero coming of age story instead of the super epic conqueror destroyer best ever in the universe we started off as.
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