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The alert mission for the Arcann romance appears after KOTET I believe. If you skip to Ossus it'll assume you did the dialog but didn't romance him.

Chapter 9 of KOTFE for the Lana and Theron romance but if you skip to Ossus you'll miss out on the marriage option for Lana and Theron.

Edit: If you do the Traitor Arc after completing KOTFE Chapter 9 it might work but I'm not sure on this.

Again if you skip to Ossus you'll miss the chance to romance Quinn and Dorna. That said with these two you can start right at Iokath in the 'Fractured Alliance' mission on your ships terminal.
Thank you - yes Ossus autocompletes Arcans alert so I am rather sure I have to do Kotet and then Iokath. Not sure if the flashpoints are needed but it is not a big deal to do them.

I am currently playing a character where I skip Kotet and do directly Iokath. So far in Iokath my Theron romance is recognized and still intact.