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I like to skip as much as possible but still romance some characters. Can someone please confirm or comment on if it will work like I describe it?

Arcann romance
If I want to romance Arcann I can skip Kotfe but I have to play everything from Kotet until Ossus?

Theron/Lana romance
If I want to romance Theron or Lana I would play Kotfe chapter 1-9 for the romance login. Correct me if I am wrong but I think I read somewhere that skipping to Kotet would cancel the romance?

Can I jump from Kotfe chapter 9 to Iokath and play the flashpoints (Copero/Umbara/Nathema) with the story cutscenes? I know that I can play the flashpoints anyway but I am asking for the story parts of the flashpoints like e.g. marrying Theron/Lana at the end.

Elara/Quinn romance
For Elara/Quinn I would skip Kotfe and maybe just play or start Kotet chapter 1 to get Ossus unlocked and then go straight to Iokath. Can I skip from Iokath to Ossus or do I have to play after Iokath the flashpoints (provided that they have the story cutscenes if I skip Kotfe/Kotet)?

Thank you!
The alert mission for the Arcann romance appears after KOTET I believe. If you skip to Ossus it'll assume you did the dialog but didn't romance him.

Chapter 9 of KOTFE for the Lana and Theron romance but if you skip to Ossus you'll miss out on the marriage option for Lana and Theron.

Edit: If you do the Traitor Arc after completing KOTFE Chapter 9 it might work but I'm not sure on this.

Again if you skip to Ossus you'll miss the chance to romance Quinn and Dorna. That said with these two you can start right at Iokath in the 'Fractured Alliance' mission on your ships terminal.