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07.12.2019 , 03:27 AM | #122
I like to skip as much as possible but still romance some characters. Can someone please confirm or comment on if it will work like I describe it?

Arcann romance
If I want to romance Arcann I can skip Kotfe but I have to play everything from Kotet until Ossus?

Theron/Lana romance
If I want to romance Theron or Lana I would play Kotfe chapter 1-9 for the romance login. Correct me if I am wrong but I think I read somewhere that skipping to Kotet would cancel the romance?

Can I jump from Kotfe chapter 9 to Iokath and play the flashpoints (Copero/Umbara/Nathema) with the story cutscenes? I know that I can play the flashpoints anyway but I am asking for the story parts of the flashpoints like e.g. marrying Theron/Lana at the end.

Elara/Quinn romance
For Elara/Quinn I would skip Kotfe and maybe just play or start Kotet chapter 1 to get Ossus unlocked and then go straight to Iokath. Can I skip from Iokath to Ossus or do I have to play after Iokath the flashpoints (provided that they have the story cutscenes if I skip Kotfe/Kotet)?

Thank you!