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I'm back. And 100% sure youre wrong about who I'm killing.
I'm not easy to kill. I happen to be a sorc. I'm assuming since I live and you die that means you run out into the open during PvP and stand in melee range when a marauder is on your ***. Meanwhile I Kite around corners, line of sight, and stay in the marauders deadzone so he cant charge me.
lol there is a minimum of 2 melee on me constantly
or a ranged and a melee
WZ isnt 1 on 1 your lucky that only 1 person attacks you lol

funny things we are the only class that dont have something to def ourself when we are under heavy nuking
some clases just stealth others pop some HIGH dmg immunity for 10 sec and can kill during it or escape
but if a Sorc getts jumped your dead.