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Interesting thing about this. A couple years back, GL gave an interview stating that he had rough drafts of episodes 7, 8 and 9 completed. In this interview, he outlined how and approximately when he would start the production of them.
What he stated was that first, he planned to re-release all of the movies in numerical order in an upgraded 3D format. The money made from these in the theater would be put towards the funding of the next projects. He stated that each of the 3D upgraded formats would be released on a schedule of one per year for 6 years.

The time line for episodes 7-9 was then stated to have nothing at all to do with any of the Skywalkers and to be set far enough after Jedi to not be linked to the first 6 directly. He decided to do this due to the fan backlash.

So far, it seems that the time frame given during that interview (sorry I do not recall where it was, exact date given, or reference to it) has so far been pretty much dead on to what was stated. I tend to wonder if he truly is done with SW all together. After all, it is his life.

Just some thoughts to through out and to contribute to the topic.