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To be fair, the Prequels didn't ruin Star Wars for me. Especially when I read the novelizations and everything fell into place without having to deal with George's bad directing and Hayden's emo acting.

What nearly did me in completely was the RETCONNING of the OT by George himself. Luckily, I just put my original CBS/FOX VHS versions of A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi onto DVD and cleaned them up some.

Guess what, George. Take your Special Edition RETCONS and shove them where the sun don't shine!
Greedo died without even squeezing off a shot, beeyotches!
People's excessive whining over the simple fact of who shot first is pathetic.

Also, George Lucas was very limited with what he could do back when he made the OT, so of course later with the progress of technology he is going to go back and fix things.
It reminds me of the time I read that someone was saying that Jabba the Hutt was meant to be a human, I lol'd.

Also, just for clarification for whoever was saying that George lied about having 9 movies; he did have 9 movies planned. But he didn't know if A New Hope was going to catch on or not, so he had to condense it so that it was essentially a stand alone film. In essence, I assume it's ending would have been more in kind to Empire Strikes Back, where it doesn't really end but leads into the next episode. Due to him having to condense it, the Death Star was brought forward, when originally it wasn't meant to be featured in Episode 4, and the second Death Star as far as I know didn't exist.

Also, the emperor wasn't meant to be faced until Episode 9. Obi-Wan wasn't meant to die in Episode 4, but George had to kill him off because he had no part after the Death Star sequence after George had to change the entire story. With this also, Yoda was never meant to exist, instead it was meant to be Obi-Wan who trained Luke. Go figure.

It was the same reason Han was frozen in carbonite, he had no function after that, he had no role, as if they focused on him, it would have taken too much away from Luke vs Vader which was meant to be the focus. Also, Leia was never meant to be Luke's twin, it was meant to be someone else, but I assume logically that it wouldn't have fit to introduce such a major character in the third movie. Still, makes the kiss really weird.