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Smuggler is my favorite because Han Solo and Lando Calrissian are my favorite Star Wars characters. Gunslinger because wielding two blasters is great. This is my first MMO, and Smuggler was the first class I played. Even though I had zero MMO experience, the Smuggler's progression of fighting abilities were fairly intuitive and understandable. And, the Smuggler's spaceship makes my Star Wars loving heart sing. A morally ambiguous Smuggler is great fun, because all of her choices feel right, whether she's self-serving, or self-sacrificing.

I enjoyed the Sith Inquisitor story line, the character starting as a slave, and how her life changes through the class story. And, lightning! Lots of lightning! The first time I saw the SI's regen, Seethe, I loved the look of it. My Sith Sorcerer was the first time I played a healer, and an Empire character.

I have a Vanguard tank specc'd, however, after completing chapter 3, she pretty much became a crafter/bank. I made a Commando to try Trooper as a healer. It didn't feel like a good fit for me. I respecc'd my Commando to DPS, and I love playing her. The combo of ranged DPS with a few side heals is fun for me.