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2019 and a returning player after many years away. I ran into this one. Oops. I'm not sure if I should leave that mission in my tracker or not. I did file a support ticket a couple days ago, though, so I'm waiting to hear back on that. I'm a completionist, so if it blocks me from getting any achievements for completing areas, I'm going to be sad.
I can confirm that unless CS agrees to remove the mission, you're stuck with it, and you're going to be sad.

I refer you to this post by Kryptonomic, who worked as a SWTOR QA back in the day:
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Actually, the fix is easy in this case. The quest chains are stored in the database via flags. The problem with this particular quest chain is that the subsequent series of quests are available before the first in the series is done. This is because the flag in the database is not set to indicate the quests are dependent quests. So they all show up at once, rather than dependent on which one has been completed. Literally flipping that flag would fix the issue.

This was brought up during actual testing (not user testing) years ago. Bioware simply didn't fix it. Part of the reason for the lack of fix was because at that time the bonus series missions were gated by your level and as long as people didn't overlevel, this issue could be considered mitigated a bit. That became less true as they made leveling so much quicker.

The reason it wasn't fixed after even that is because it was known the bonus series elements were going to be deprioritized. From an in-game perspective, that entailed moving quest givers to the fleet (which actually wouldn't have mitigated this issue). The bonus series were seen now as getting in the way of getting players to later content and the work they were prioritizing more.

Perhaps ironically, the quest chain system is actually one of the areas where the dev team doesn't have tight coupling and low cohesion in the code base.
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