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3 Major "noob" offenses that hurt your team in GSF right now:

1-Chasing kills in Domination rather than hugging and holding satellites.
(kills award squat in domination, unless they are made while hugging a satellite. Kill chasing = noob shooting themselves, and their team in the foot)

2-Flying right into the death trap set up by a team who is farming you while camping their capital ship in deathmatch.
(Let them camp, stay in the middle; once they get non contributor status and are denied the easy farming, they will leave, or have to live with the fact that they are cherry-picking cowards, either way, you win.)

3-Trying to Rambo enemy squads.
(You are in a stock starfighter, noob. What makes you think you have any chance in hell hitting that enemy squadron by yourself?
Wait for your teammates to catch up to even the odds, or go somewhere else that isn't a guaranteed death sentence.
Just because you saw an ace go rambo on 4 ships and win, does NOT mean you have a shot in hell of doing the same. Once you have enough experience under your belt to master a ship, then you can tactfully pull off a rambo if you have the skill, but until then, stop letting your opponents noob farm you.)

(PS trendy noobs, committing suicide when you know you are beat does not affect the other team's score.
Assists and kills award the same requisition, which is low to begin with, and they are indeed awarded when you self destruct.
You are just helping the enemy win when you do this.)
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