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I really don't understand why sorc/sages are cryin at the moment that they don't need a nerf cause this class "squishy like this or that.Simple question to all the sorc/sage players.

- WHY %60-70 of imp players are playin sorc OR %60-70 of republic players are playing Sage?

Give a honest answer. Then you will understand why this class needs a nerf.
Honest Answer: Its the only ranged class with mobility. Try playing a Trooper/Bounty or a Agent/Smuggler.

Trooper/Bounty are turret classes. Meaning that they have to sit and cast, but in return or their sitting time, they get to deal out massive damage.
Agent/Smuggler are either melee heavy with Operative/Scoundrel, or Ranged Heavy with Sniper/Gunslinger, which both adv classes req a cast time on any decent dmg ability.

Sages/Sorcs are the only ranged class which doesnt not depend on sit casting if spec'd right. which BTW full 41 Balance is BOSS in PvP. Free Snare with no effect to resolve bar = awesome. I dont know why someone would go Hybrid anyway. a free TKW? please lol. my force in balance hits just as hard. just give me the extra 100 force and the better bubble and im fine.