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02.05.2012 , 03:47 AM | #33
They are far from being frost mages at all. That you even compare them to the class while they have close to nothing in common with them but Force Speed for mobility which isn't even a teleport and even on twice as big CD shows me you got no clue.
Frost Mages also have far greater burst, no dots, cannot shield others, cannot heal themselves outside of a glyphed Evocation, have an inbuild slow in their main nuke which lasts for 12 seconds with talents, have ranged AoE root, PbAoE roots, Stun which lasts even 5 seconds on half the CD which also gives them extra crit and extra crit damage on one spell, AoE freeze, spamable mezz unlike lift.

If you want to make a comparison then the only valid one is Priest/Shadowpriest and Shaman (For TK tree and Lift)
This game needs more Kel Dor!