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Can you tell me another class who has ;

-Stun (4 sec)
-Never ending slow
- Good DPS + nice burst dmg too
-Buble (It can be on the player all the time)
-Speed buff
-Do you need anything else ? (like a button to keel all the players in the warzone)

Topic owner tried to explain why sorc/sages have more advantage than the other classes and you are obviously playin sorc or sage cause defending blindly. In my server, sorc/sage population is more than %60-70, I can easily see 6-7 sorcerers in wz.So This overpopulated class doesn't need a nerf ? Are u still defending this class ?
I get stunned by other classes just as often.
Knockback has 2 second activation timer. What I mean is it takes 2 second after pressing it to activate. I have seen good players dodging it. Good players will also save their gap closers for after the knockback.
Neverending slow? How? One slow roots me and the other has a CD.
DPS and nice burst? TK yes. Hybrid/Balance is middle ground. Healers don't
Bubble doesn't benefit from damage reduction so you basically pound on ~3k naked how hard is that to break?
Speed buff yeah the class with the lowest mitigation should also be the least mobile right?
Heal we have 2 heals one short cast time which heals for close to nothing and gets us oof so fast you wouldn't believe it.
The other is at least 2.5 second cast and if you are not healing specced you have to disengage or get out of line of sight. Non healer Sorcs/Sages cannot heal in the middle of combat against any opponent with a brain.

Quote: Originally Posted by Tumri View Post
Did you even look at the hybrid spec build I linked in the original post? It includes everything you mentioned except the +30% crit damage talent(which isn't as good as you try to make it seem by calling it a +50% crit damage talent).
I don't have to I ran several myself already.
This game needs more Kel Dor!