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Quote: Originally Posted by Karkais View Post
Not only that, but if its the only one, everybody will be looking the same very quickly..

Are you as happy if you know its a Sith warrior chestpiece? :S
But its a nice, Christmasy red - not the usual dark, creepy red most of the sith armor is colored. Plus, it matches my guardians hair :-).

I used to be wearing a chestplate of nimble deflection - it was a general drop from the main boss in the collicoid war game and it was a red color - so just cause its red doesn't mean its Sith. Mind you, I would prefer something in a nice cloud blue - but like I said in another thread, the dev's seem to think the dirt brown, chlorine green and puke yellow are everyone's favorite color unless you are a sith - and then you HAVE to love black and red. (mind you - I DO like black and red on my sith, it just gets a bit boring :-).

But I sympathize with the OP - if there IS a more jedi-like hood down robe they really need to sell it as an individual piece just like the dire warmaster chest, putting it in random card packs is pretty bogus considering that they have been promising a hood on/off switch since release and failing to deliver.