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Gear should exist but not be focus. Character builds should be the builds, gears should just increase stats, gear should not be builds. Let us customize our characters through abilities. Bioware did amazing job with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and you don't need 4 action bars to play different builds, you just need 3 buttons. For Swtor I'd personally be ok with 1 action bar to have active abilities for every class (and 5 passive that don't need action bar), but that we can customize those abilities via character build, not via gear, like the utilities or the upgrades of an ability (like mass effect with branches).

Get rid of so many currencies and give us one that we can earn through playing the content, and we can use that one currency to buy gear from vendors. Don't make gear shells to be currency, don't make million more currencies don't complicate things. Galactic Command (Renow?) RNG loot boxes can stay as a "supplementary", a bonus way to earn stuff, open it to preferred at reduced speed progression.

Make races matter more than just cosmetics. There are few narrative that address that but its usually human and rest are aliens. At least you can give us some perks, passives and actives that add flavor to gameplay. Social skills are fun to use first 3 times but are just useless after that. We need something better than "animation and skin color" to separate races.

New Classes do not require new stories. Every Force and Gun class can have a third branch with its 3 disciplines, with a different play style, weapon, etc. So adding 1 advanced class to every base class would be a way to go, cheaper, does not require new ships and hangars or new story, and still gives us more variety to play. Creating a whole new base class with two advanced classes (and then mirror it for opposite faction) with a new origin stories and updating it through all expansions at this point is just a dream. BioWare locked themselves in the start with this design. All they can do is now make what they have better.

Create a feature that allows us to save/name and load builds/loadouts/quickbars/profiles the same/similar way we do with outfit designed.

Allow PvP to select what they want to play, just like PvE can (with some indicators which warzone is for example waiting for how many players to join)

Release a full expansion for every type of player, because you have them all. Don't do half baked like last time. That means content for every player type
Stories (coop friendly pls and to have difficulty options)
Companion interactions
New Planets
New Heroics and Dailies
New Flashpoints
New Operations
New Warzones
New Stronghold
New PvP GSF map
New content a PvE GSF? Maybe where we get to fly our class ships together with friends in a PvE space mission with GSF gameplay?
New races (I heard Nautolan is coming but what about Echani, Voss, Zeltron, Kel Dor, these should not be difficult to make, you have models you just play with colors).
New mounts that allow us to ride our friends with us too
Honestly I agree LOL