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I know that, it happens whether I have been on another computer or not. I can log onto the computer I normally use five times in a row and EVERY time I get the same request for a new 'one-time password". This is a relatively recent problem so it's been caused by something Bioware did recently. The problem is NOT with the computers or IP address, I mentioned the fact that I have the exact same problem on a completely different computer to help prove this
Mentioning you have the exact same problem on another computer clouded what you were trying to say.

How do you know something has not changed on your end of things? The reason I ask is because if Bioware changes something on their end of things.... I would expect to see a huge wave of complaints from people who used to noth get a OTP but now suddenly do.

Is the problem when logging into the web site or when logging into the game?? Or both? When did it start?
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