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I just read this article that Bungie is splitting from Activision and taking Destiny with it.

One thing that I thought was really interesting was this :

Does that sound familiar to anyone? Imagine if EA had never got their grubby hands on swtor. What might the game have been like? Especially considering all the compromises the early Devs had to make to appease EAs insistence they make a WoW clone.

I know it will never happen, but I gain what would swtor be like if the Bioware of old could come back and they could financially split from EA and develop swtor under their own licence from Disney.
I understand why people think 'Bioware of old'- I really do but they would still have their signature 'blame the players for everything' and there would still be lootboxes. Hell- the game might have caved earlier and faster- there's always this fantasy card of how great this game could have been and can, and then there's the flipside. SWTOR is what it is and came out in the era when MMOs were huge and there was every chance Galaxies might have survived a couple more years but I doubt there would have been another Star Wars MMO.

The storylines are highly regarded but the sheer resources required to sustain the independent class stories was not sustainable, imagine had Temple of Sacrifice and The Ravagers been sacrificed for class stories, we just have to look at what happened during KOTFE. Bioware gets to helm a Star Wars RPG with a multiplayer element- I'm all for it, but the pretty class stories, all done up with very little in the way of endgame, sandbox or any number of the issues it launched with was them as they were. Instead of splitting up the class stories, and putting extra resources on an endgame they released and quickly went F2P. I think SWTOR was always going to go that way but it might have ended up a B2P title with a lot more stability in population than an entrenched system which can't get changed now.

I'm a Mass Effect fan, a KOTOR fan, there are things Bioware does that I do like- I'm not only an ops/PvP player but this game is an MMO and what Bioware was best at nearly killed the game at launch, sometimes I think EA should have assigned two studios- Bioware for the stories and another for the MMO elements because in 2012, multiplayer was not what they did well at all. SWTOR might have ended up a very expensive failure that killed Bioware as a lot of us were worried it could.

Anthem could be a complete success and I think that scares people here because there's this want for SWTOR to be the shining star and get all the resources it could ever want. The problem is that ship's long gone and the best this game can be is sustainable. The first fix is a set fee, because as much as people like to complain, this game loses people who never come back so a set standard full AAA release price for continued play makes sense because at least you have that money, increasing sub perks (sub rent new content and so on), the second is one class story per F2P account- after that, they have to have subbed at least once to do the others. The main course is completely free, requires little engagement with endgame content so it's not like someone can't suck up the F2P negatives for a free game and that is worse for this game than anyone here who may drop their subscription. I actually have come to agree that people shouldn't be able to progress past the first chapter without having subbed once.

But yes, if only Bioware could split from EA so I never have to hear 'EA made them do it' ever again.

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