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Well it's not like I have any power to do anything about it...and this thread probably isn't the best place for this discussion if my intent were to rally the troops.

I will disagree with you to a point...and I am not surprised in the least that there is push back on this. Those credits that everyone has weren't earned...everything was inflated by a certain well known exploit where trillions of credits, if not more, were duped into the game's economy. The best answer would have been a rollback when it happened...we are well passed that point now. I really don't see a downside to what I proposed.

I haven't even brought up the point about the negative effect it would have on credit farmers.
I know I didn't do any exploits, and I worked my tail off to get the credits I've earned by crafting, and selling things on the GTN, so no I don't believe removing credits from the game like that is a good idea. I farmed all the mats by hand to craft, so I truly earned what I made on my sales.
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