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Removing credits from everyone in the game would be a horrible idea. Nothing in the game other then Rare CM items would cost 50 million. Everything any player new or old needs can be bought for a minimal cost. The only thing you would do by removing credits from every player is to tick off most of the playerbase. Not to mention making credits in this game is really easy to do, so if you really wanted that 1 special rare 50 million credit item it would take a bit of work, but it wouldn't be horrible.

Not to mention anyone that comes to an MMO this late has to understand somethings they might desire are going to take them some time to farm in order to get.
Well it's not like I have any power to do anything about it...and this thread probably isn't the best place for this discussion if my intent were to rally the troops.

I will disagree with you to a point...and I am not surprised in the least that there is push back on this. Those credits that everyone has weren't earned...everything was inflated by a certain well known exploit where trillions of credits, if not more, were duped into the game's economy. The best answer would have been a rollback when it happened...we are well passed that point now. I really don't see a downside to what I proposed.

I haven't even brought up the point about the negative effect it would have on credit farmers.
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