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I think that's being over dramatic a bit. But yes, I'm serious. Everyone still has their slice of the pie, percentage wise compared to other players.

Regarding the newish player you are describing, do you think that when he sees a 50 mill price tag on the GTN, that that players level of intimidation has less effect than missing 1500 credits. Which is why I think this is a good idea. It will prevent new players from being overwhelmed by the cost of goods on the GTN.

With some rare exceptions there are very few expensive items outside the GTN.

This really isn't a bad idea, if it weren't for people not being able to see past their own selfish desires. Such as the amount of credits they have. Costs would crash down and new players would be able to afford a greater amount of items than they currently have the ability to do.
Removing credits from everyone in the game would be a horrible idea. Nothing in the game other then Rare CM items would cost 50 million. Everything any player new or old needs can be bought for a minimal cost. The only thing you would do by removing credits from every player is to tick off most of the playerbase. Not to mention making credits in this game is really easy to do, so if you really wanted that 1 special rare 50 million credit item it would take a bit of work, but it wouldn't be horrible.

Not to mention anyone that comes to an MMO this late has to understand somethings they might desire are going to take them some time to farm in order to get.
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