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Each of these questions are excellent topics and are a good indicator the Dev Team has been doing their homework.

Is the learning curve too steep to get into?
For new players, absolutely. The learning curve is brutal and is fundamentally the biggest obstacle rookies face entering GSF. The tutorial needs to be improved and expanded. I also think GSF would benefit greatly if it featured the following:

  • New feature: Test Flight. A training mode that provides players a safe place to practice flying their ships and the freedom to experiment with abilities, crew selection and load-outs without the pressure of being in a live match. This mode might even include the option to invite a friend or small group for sparring purposes.

  • PVE mini-campaign. Designed to help bridge more players over to GSF, this would consist of a series of progressive space missions that followed a starfighter-themed storyline and included elements like cinematic cut-scenes and conversation wheels typical to the rest of the game. The series would essentially serve as a progressive tutorial that familiarizes players with every aspect of GSF: basic controls, ship types, weapon systems, targeting, engine maneuvers, power management, co-pilot active abilities, crew passive abilities, radar and sensor communications, buffs and de-buffs, etc. By the time the player advances to the epic final mission they would have a much more comprehensive understanding of how everything works and hopefully have more reason to invest in GSF. In retrospect, this is something that probably should have been implemented when GSF first launched.

Is ship balance preventing you from playing?
On larger servers where GSF is more popular there is frequent squabbling over the pervasiveness of bombers and gunships during matches. Many have suggested imposing a limit to how many gunships and bombers should be deployed for each side. Some veteran players argue that it has less to do with ship balance and more to do with skill level. Perhaps allowing a maximum of 3 gunships and 3 bombers for each side might help to break up some of the congestion, but I think putting a cap on any ship class would cause quite a bit of outrage from players who have no interest in flying scouts or strike fighters. I think balance issues are always going to be inherent with any kind of PVP.

Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?
It's with deep resentment when I say that the GSF community is the unequivocal bastard stepchild of SWTOR. We have been neglected longer than any other community in the game. This gross negligence is responsible for decimating what used to be stable, consistent GSF communities that once thrived on mid-sized servers like my home server of Begeren Colony. Without any support from the Devs, the increasing disparity between veteran and novice pilots manifested into the Marianas Trench we see today.

Guys, I am begging you. We need new content. Please. For the love of God. Please, give us new content.

Matchmaking issues?
Match-making may not be perfect but it certainly works better on servers with a larger pool of players.

Since I fly more frequently on a smaller server with a thinner GSF population, I've encountered numerous times where matches abort because one team ends up being short 2 or 3 players. Aborted matches are always a disappointment and I've often wondered if there was a way to place a stopgap measure that could prevent, or at least minimize, that from happening. For example, in an 8 vs. 8 scenario, if Team A has only 6 players enter the match while Team B has a full complement of 8 players, the 8th player from Team B would be barred from entering the match until Team A can acquire at least one more player. If there are no other players available to back-fill, then the 8th player on Team B will be returned to the queue until Team A gets another player to back-fill into the match. It may not be fair for the 8th player to be excluded but neither is having a match abort for the 13 other players who want to fly.

The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?
Based on the comments I've read so far it's quite apparent this is one of many major issues people have with GSF. If GSF hangars were to become Legacy-wide I would request that the Devs give players the option of selecting and deselecting their upgrades from major and minor components. Some of us actually enjoy the challenge of flying stock ships.