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07.09.2017 , 04:40 PM | #216
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The problem is that it doesn't really solve anything, either.

Consider that veterans would also get this shield boost, and ten seconds is a long enough time to get into the fight... so you're also giving an advantage to them.
Yes, and veterans would be better equipped to clean out spawn campers. That's a good thing.

The first, best preventative step is to get players into matches against people of similar skill level. With the current matchmaker this requires more players on most servers to work... but is a necessary thing and would do the most to help new players.
Agreed, but without cross-server queues I can't see this happening. The population simply isn't there.

The second step, also essential, is to give players the knowledge base they need through in-game means to understand what is going on and how to combat it.
Are you specifically talking about a better tutorial or better in-match info? Both I support, but I suspect both are more challenging to implement than a temporary shield buff on respawn. I'm not suggesting the devs should be (or are) lazy, but I think we should propose low-effort solutions as well since we don't know how many resources BW can allocate to GSF at this point.