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DaOC had realm ranks. Each rank had a ability. As you gained in realm ranks you became that much more powerful.

In the utopia pvp format people are advocating here that won't work. It has already failed because some people use datacrons, stims, and other things which adjust the skill level....unless you remove all this upon entering a rated warzone.
Sorry, but datacrons arent hard to get, its part of each planet. Or you can read/watch a guide. Its part of leveling. Stims are also part of leveling or things everyone can buy, its up to them if they chose to or not. Its not forced on them, its optional.

Rated gear would not be optional, it would force people into doing that type of thing at a steady rate, this is where fun ends in a game.

I'm not advocating a utopia where everyone has equal gear at all times. I advocate a game where everyone has the chance to get the gear, without having to make schedules irl to not drop ranks or such. In short.

I'm completely against any form of rated BG system that requires a rating for competative gear.

I'm against any form of weekly cap on PvP currency.

Reason for these two opinions is because many people, no make that most, dont have time to spend to keep ratings up or get the points cap each week. Some people might have to skip gaming for a week or two in a row, then the week after they have a chance to catch up, something you cant with a system where ratings decides what gear you can get or a system where currency is capped at a weekly cap.

These days I play alot, more than alot actually. But I used to be in a situation where I just couldnt find time to play. I fell behind horribly in game, and when I actually did find time I didnt have a shot at catching up. And it felt pointless to continue. So I went back to casual PvP but always felt that it was boring, having to run into overly geared people because whoopdidoo, they had time on their hands.

These types of systems have been part of the biggest MMO since its first introduction of PvP. And that game is WoW. Since PvP saw light in that game it has been a time consuming effort, from the first version to the last. Although the last version was more forgiving since everyone had the option to buy the best gear, except for weapons.

It went to the extent in the first version that people had friends play their toons when they didnt have time, just to reach the highest rank to get the best gear. It was even syndicated. Guild/people helped other guilds/people to gain the ranks before backing down for others to have a shot. The server I was on had 1 or maybe two people that had gotten max rank on their own.