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Well, i think the issue is how BM is suppose to give around 12% more dmg but overall with more armor, and higher dps weapons amounts taking a lot less dmg, and of course dishing out more that BM is more than just 12% increase with expertise compared to champion around 10%.

So according to rumor, the new ranking warzones ignore the expertise bonus of normal warzones?

Is that the problem?

It is still BM armor, so the stats are better than other regualr items and the armor rating is also higher. Also people dont have 100% BM gear since they optimize with PVE gear with other parts for more stats.

So the advantage of those who played more should still exist, but without the 14% increase in dmg.

However, it seems those who raided might have an advantage with raid gear doing the ranked WZ.

This is part of the problem. Just like a ton of PvEer's never want to PvP a lot of PvP players never want to PvE. PvP players tend to not want to have to PvE to compete in PvP. Ask Mythic how people in DAOC felt about Trials of Atlantis(I loved it but I like PvE too). This is shown to be historically true and I think its true here as well.