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Well, I use these 2 builds for marauders specifically:

- Ambush + Takedown = +45k damage each time (Only with the utility, of course).
- Evasion on cover reduces 'yellow' damage that you take by 75%. Using shield here may help, as well, to mitigate some damage.
- Diversion whenever Obfuscate is off and when you have a "feeling" that the burst is coming.
- Roll frequently to keep distance. Rotate legshot with the knockbacks and stuns to keep the mara at that distance.
- Save Target Adquired for Saberward (1) or Obfuscate (2).
1) 130% Accuracy on your side vs 150% Defense Rating from marauder side. Only 20% chance to stop you, altogether.
2) -90% + 30% = 50%. You'll be gambling here.
Thanks for this!

I got the marksman to 47, then decided to make a new engineer sniper, and find it really fun. I can still use a lot of the tips here for other specs it seems.

I am just trying to get a more solid rotation down on engi, which is a little more complex.

Thanks again.
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