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I am starting a new sniper. I am just curious what utilities you guys pick for your Marksman sniper. I also want to know what the rotation is when engaging a marauder or any melee for that matter.

Thanks in advance!
marauder is i think the toughest opponent for sniper because they have so many tools to negate us. best way to fight them is to survive all their godly dcd and then maybe you can win

they have obfucate thay reduce accuracy by 90% , rutheless agresor 75% resist everything including stun, and fury have another ability force crush version that give cc immunity , vanish , leap for cover

so best way is to stall them by knock back , cc, flashbang leg shot, until he used all dcd click here for referal code you you get: FREE TRANSFER , FREE STUFFS, FREE 7 DAYS SUBSCRIPTION, FREE UNLOCK AND MORE