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Hello, I wanted to know if this is still up to date? I just now came back into the game and have spend a good amount of time reading up discussion about this skank tank thing.

I would like to do a lot of PvP, mainly with my Juggernaut and my Sorcerer.
For sorcerer, I am going to play madness.
For my Juggernaut, I am not sure what spec is best for pvp now, since the nerfs to damage.

I also read that snipers and mercenaries seem to dominate in pvp and sorcerers are doing extremely bad right now, this worries me. But most of the threads I have read through are from several months ago, so I don't know what the meta is right now.

Is there an updated tier list for arena comps, or warzones?
I have not played since the tank changes yesterday so I cannot say on skanking post 5.9.3.

At risk of once again getting slaughtered by these forums - go vengeance. Rage functions literally as a lesser fury mara... if you enjoy rage, just go play fury. Vengeance has some single target pressure with a rotational dot spread. It also has the immunity on leap that rage lacks. Its better than say, annhilation mara, thus carving a niche use.

Engineering and marksman snipers, arsenal mercs, and fury maras currently are the "best" pvp dps specs. For regs at least though (despite my personal bashing on rage (but seriously just play fury in that case)) anything can function. Sorcs just have it harder than anyone except PT. Get good at kiting!