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To be quite frank I do not even care for it because, oftentimes, those strongholds with the highest prestige are not actually decorated, they are simply filled with high-prestige items.
There are no high-prestige items actually, every decoration grants the same amount of personal prestige: +100 on first unlock +2 on any further unlocks. A stronghold's prestige rating is just the personal prestige multiplied by the stronghold's completion percentage and x2 for subscribers.

The trophies from operation and flashpoint achievements alone will bring you to 100k prestige, the extra +2 for each unlock in the proposed unlock system won't matter much here.

The prestige number can only serve as a gauge of the stronghold's potential. A player with a 200k+ stronghold ought to own quite a few CM decorations on top of the gazillion of operation trophies and cheap vendor stuff, but he might concentrate on another stronghold, and the one you're about to visit could be just a trophy dump for conquest bonus.

A 100k+ stronghold may be the same owned by a F2P, or the conquest dump of a raider who has no interest in strongholds otherwise, or it could be the nicely and lavishly decorated SH of a player who doesn't do ops or fps and rather spends his time decorating the stronghold.

Time for a vote system.
Tune down reflections to pre 5.5 values!
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