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12.09.2012 , 06:16 AM | #474
Hello, i play a mercenary and i want to be as viable as a marauder/jug or assassin when i spec for dps or i try to get into a ranked wz team.
Dear BW, why is this not a fair request?
Lately i have done a few normal warzones with a few people in my guild who use rage maras/jugs and they normaly out damage me by several hundred thousands worth of damage. This could be explained by "They are better then me" or "They outgear me" etc. But we all know thats not the issue, sure i could perhaps improve my gameplay but in the end, no matter what i do or how many perfect Death from Above etc that i drop on the other team im still way way waaay behind these monster pvp classes.

This is not news to anyone playing this game and yet for several months we (mercs/commandos) have been nigh on useless in any warzone we enter. Had i played one of these favoured superclasses i would do alot better, but instead im limited by what BW deems fair.

Countless threads have been done on this subject and so far all we have been replied with is that our waddle waddle speed pillarhumping isnt quite enough. Now i really want some answers, why cant i be allowed to perform on the same level as the other classes?

PvE be damned, i want to be a viable dps/heal option for rated warzones!

Yes im whining, but we all know its justified
Whaaaaambulance at your service