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Awesome to see you making videos again!

Not sure what was going on with this one but it is incredibly choppy almost unwatchable at certain points. I'm not sure if you changed your setup or what but the lag in the video was hard to watch.

Next up you added a "Like and Subscribe" thing over the video but you put it right on top of the power settings and hull/shields of your ship. It was really unpleasant not knowing how much health you had at some points of the watch, and for me I really like to see the power settings since it's such a big part of play.
yeah this one was recorded right as my old pc was dying and i guess it coudnt handle gameplay as well as recording lol!
Finished building my new pc and did a new video today. moved the like/subscribe overlay but realized after its blocking the minimap now i may just remove it altogether for my next one. the lag has def sorted itself out now.
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