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Today we ran Dxun SM before the servers were shut down. While most bugs were fixed, the following bugs remain and should be fixed until 6.0 release:

After completing the Lights Out encounter, the group stays in combat and you do not receive the lockout for this encounter. You can continue with the operation normally, and when you die and release to area start you are no longer in combat.

When fighting the trash groups before the Mutant Trandoshan fight, the group receives a debuff that reduces healing. It is possible to pull all trash groups and kite them back to the elevator, where the group no longer has the debuff. This exploit makes it much easier to kill the trash groups, so maybe the trash groups should reset when you pull them out of the room.

In the Huntmaster fight, the AoE left by Firestorm Grenade is invisible. You can see the circle around the player with the grenade, and some flames when it hits but then the Firestorm Grenade is invisible even though the AoE continues to deal damage for another ~10 seconds. Please ensure that the Firestorm Grenade AoE stays visible for the duration of its damage.

When wiping on the Huntmaster fight and there are still adds alive (Deliberate Charger and Lurking Beasts), the encounter stays in progress even when everyone is dead, and you need to wait 15+ seconds until it resets. Please ensure that the encounter immediately resets when everyone is dead.

In the Apex Vanguard fight, the Acid Blast AoE is invisible to players that died inside the instance. The only way to see it is to leave the instance after every wipe and go back in. Please ensure that this AoE is visible even when you stay inside the instance after dying.

In general, both Huntmaster and Apex Vanguard felt significantly harder than the rest of the instance. For SM, I'd say they are overtuned, and too much of a step up compared to the other bosses. But any wide-ranging balance passes are probably no longer possible.
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