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09.25.2019 , 12:35 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  

Blue maps! Achievements! Our lil op is growing up so fast :`)

The Battery.... ... is Fully Charged.

Refresh Notes:

Nature of Progress Operation

All Modes
  • Achievements have been added for the operation. These include both the standard boss kill achievements, as well as a fun new "Marks of Mastery" category for more specific brands of chicanery. ;D
  • Blue Maps are now in for the CI-004 area.
  • Infinitely spawning creatures (i.e. Red encounter adds, Holding Pens creatures, etc.) should no longer grant Renown. If you find some that still do, let us know!

All Modes
  • Part of Red's encounter area is now in a cave because the environment artists were feeling arty! It's cool! Lil purple mushrooms growing inside and stuff.

Veteran Mode
  • Slightly reduced Red's health
  • Slightly decreased the health of Rampaging Chargers

Breach CI-004
All Modes
  • The event should no longer get stuck if players manage to wipe during certain key scripting windows.
  • The ejection splash from Something Ill-Tempered now plays on the ejected object instead of some arbitrary location on the ground nearby.
  • Lake Crab encounters should now properly resset when the event resets. Actually for reals this time.
  • The two final Warden Droids in the control room are now named "Czerka Warden Enforcer Droids" to denote the fact that they're slightly different.
  • Reworked the detonation FX for Incendiary Shrieks to be more readable.
  • The damage of Photoreactive Hypergolicity (the Incendiary Shriek detonation) has been increased by +400%, but is now distributed over 6 seconds.
  • Players can no longer unwittingly damage and/or kill invisible utility NPCs during the Breach CI-004 event (thus breaking the event to varying degrees of severity)
  • Felshade Reapers in the Dark will now deal a small knockback to other enemies they're hitting (in addition to the damage they were already dealing).
    This both makes it easier to tell that their attacks actually hit other things in the area of effect (if you hadn't noticed, surprise!), and because it also looks funny to us when the big monster is batting around the smaller things.

Veteran Mode
  • Warden Enforcer Droids no longer stand still while they Optimize.
  • Warden Enforcer Droids can no longer self-optimize, as that doesn't go well for anyone else.
  • Players left behind in the pens after the control room door is locked will now be appropriately murdered before being teleported to the control room, as intended.

Training Day
All Modes
  • Greus' Ayhis & Eru attack channel duration decreased from 3s to 2s, cooldown increased from 6s to 7s. Damage slightly less than doubled.
    Just doing some timing and flow massaging with this... well, also more burning I guess...
  • Titax Strike's damage will now (most likely pretty sure) be properly reduced if the target is knocked into a goo tank.

The Huntmaster
All Modes
  • Something Ill-Tempered is now also living in the pond here.
  • The Thing in The Pond now has more max HP for each thing fed into the lake during the encounter. In fact, there's an achievement for playing with this to an irresponsible degree.

Veteran Mode
  • Confused and Infuriated will actually apply its enrage effect in Veteran Mode (it was previously only working in Story).

Apex Vanguard
All Modes
  • The Apex Vanguard will now actually fire missiles during Zone Defense
  • The Apex Vanguard can no longer use Rocket Salvo while Zone Defense is active because that's cheating (and very confusing).
  • Attempted to fix an issue where the Apex Vanguard sometimes wouldn't regenerate immediately after its initial Photogenesis cast until the lights were turned off and back on again.
  • Updated Acid Blast's ground FX to use a texture (as opposed to a flat orange). It's a tad less bright now as a result.
  • Removed some floating work-in-progress assets from the Apex Vanguard's room.
  • Dimmed emissive reflectivity of the patches of glass in the Apex Vanguard's room
  • Updated Stim Station's visuals, also added a larger monitor on the wall over the station that displays the count of stims in the machine for all to see.
  • Updated Disruptor Pulse and Ventilation Station's console visuals, so now each of the stations' interactive bits are visually distinct.
  • Due to player feedback that the charge state of the battery was too hard to read, we have re-added the continuously pulsing "The Battery is Fully Charged" red text message to Story Mode, and also introduced it to Veteran Mode
  • The previous note is obviously a joke. How could you possibly think we're that awful?
  • Or is it?

Story Mode
  • Flare and Stim station overhead symbols are now dimmed to visually reinforce that they're not used here.

Veteran Mode
  • Ticks of Contagion will now properly spread Contagion to targets within the radius who do not already have it.
  • Contagion now does something it didn't used to...
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