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Sorry for the necro, saw this linked in another thread and thought it was Very Cool. I don't know that I'd call it CANON, but it's artfully reasoned out and must have taken a serious amount of plotting on OP's part.

I guess my question is, has anyone actually tried to play the story this way? Like, start 8 characters simultaneously and try to follow this timeline as closely as possible? I think it'd be difficult to keep track.
Sorry for not seeing this earlier. I wasn't playing as much after the storylines changed so much with the family story. So, I was aloholicing with LOTRO the last couple of years haha.

Thanks for the kind words though. Obviously I have played it, although others may not as you have to play all 8 characters. It is difficult to keep track. I decided to play again this summer. As I have said before, the hardest part by far to me was Nar Shadaa. I just couldn't find many tie-ns and besides the geography hints, some stories are much quicker than others there it seems.

I am about to compare it to a similar thread on mmo-champion to see how close we are with our thoughts.
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