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Two points to address here.

Quote: Originally Posted by Otaktey View Post
It is grueling enough to find a time when GSF is actually popping,
I don't know what server you're playing on, but Star Forge has plenty of GSF pops even at what is really late server time on a Monday night:

Are you just playing on a dead server or something?


Quote: Originally Posted by Otaktey View Post
Why don't you change the requirement for this quest from 3 wins to 3 matches played? Or 4 matches played, a win counts as 2?
Because then people who don't want to bother trying would queue and do nothing (or worse, actively throw) just to get the crystal. GSF's player base is bad enough without people doing that. Requiring wins means people have to actually try. You don't have to do every single crystal weekly, and there will be weeks where it's something you don't have a problem doing.

It's the same reason you're required to complete the flashpoints when it's the flashpoint weekly instead of just joining the queue. They want to incentivize active participation that requires working for it.

I get where you're coming from and it'd be nice, but GSF already has too many people who queue up with no intention of playing. No thanks.