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You might want to consider adding the "Gut" build into your discussion (where you forego Energy Blast for Gut in Tactics.) While the final assessment is still open for debate, I don't think Energy Blast is by any means the clear-cut better talent when compared to Gut (enhanced by the Frontline Offense talent as well.)

Time will tell, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to take Energy Blast.

This is the build:
i'm not really debating on the best builds really. In fact my goal is to have several builds up for a tank to have several options. These are personally the ones that I've tried and I refuse to add details that haven't been researched and/or proven.

However you raise a good point that I might want to try going further into the other trees to look at the performance of the hybrids.

I tend to do the 100x1000 test meaning that if I want to test armor or defenses I'll record the marks 100 times and using math determine the results of a 1000 to give me a base system to use against other builds. It's really easier than it sounds.
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