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01.11.2012 , 11:50 AM | #12
Unfortunately the "Tanking Rotation" is a bit of a myth for Vanguards I think. With Static Shield and Shield Cycler specced plus the additional Ammo regeneration from Energy Blast the rotation is really far from static once you hit 40.

Better to say there is a situational priority list of abilities to use depending on your current Ammo level. You want to maximize your threat/damage output each GCD while never dropping below 8 Ammo unless you're about to immediately use Energy Blast.

While far from a perfectly theory-crafted list my take would be the following (assuming you do not need to regain or snap threat):

Single Target
A.) If Ammo >= 10
1.) Stockstrike
2.) High-Impact Bolt
3.) If Static Field not present or soon-to-expire, Ion Pulse.
4.) Sticky Grenade
5.) Ion Pulse
B.) Else Ammo <= 9
1.) Energy Blast
2.) Hammer Shot
This also does not factor in GCDs needed to trigger defensive abilities as-necessary while tanking. Usually I prefer to replace a weaved Hammer Shot with such abilities if at all possible.