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Some ideas for tactical items (not putting numbers in cause I don't know how to balance the game):
- Kinetic ward gives defense instead of shield
- Change shroud to an evasion instead of a resist (M/R vs F/T damage)
- 3 stacks Depredating Volts heals (like the good old days) instead of giving DR
- Change the mechanics of discharge (maybe move from AOE to single target to make it relevant when fighting one thing)
- Any way (can't think of any) to sacrifice defense for offense

Set bonus:
- Taunt cooldown reduce is still useful in some situations and I would keep that somewhere
- Some way to reduce defensive ability cooldowns upon taking damage
- Flat DR increase (against all or certain types of damage)
- Movement speed increase
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On to the content, here, first, I'll start with the set bonuses. I agree, keeping the taunt reductions is an idea to consider. It's useful at times, particularly for the quicker triple taunt opener and for any aggro drops, and for PvP, it's pretty good, helps tanks do their job better. And for your second bullet point, are you thinking of something like Lightning Reflexes, but possibly for Overcharge and Deflection as well? If so, that's an idea. I also agree with your third point, this was our pre-3.x Set Bonus and it was rather useful, particularly the internal and elemental damage part. I'd also favor a movement speed increase.
Onto tactical items. I agree with the DV heal. If it is a 2% per tick heal like it was in the old days, it'd still be powerful, but not ridiculously slow, like in early 1.x. I'd also appreciate a tactical item that lets us speed up the channel of DV, at the cost of some of its damage, much like Madness Sorcerors get with Force Ligthning. This helps overcome the problem of having to stop your highest DPS ability to pop a cooldown. We're the only tanks that have this problem, and while it's a small one, a way to overcome it would be nice. And I'll have to brainstorm ideas of how to increase our damage but reduce our defenses. Referral link and a muffin button... click it.... you get a free blueberry muffin
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