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Well, I will be the first to throw my 2 cents in. Shadox from Darkest Hour here, thank you for the opportunity first of all to listen to us and ask for our feedback. It is really appreciated.

I've played since open Beta began and have seen the ups and downs that have come with the game and the various decisions made. One of the ones I was disappointed with was the consolidating of the skill trees into a more defined path more or less which removed some of the customization. Now I understand why this happened as a lot of people weren't properly taking what they should in order to best utilize their class and spec but I'm someone that reads and studies and experiments to figure out what will work best for the group I am in or going solo. So to bring back some customization is very welcome!

As a tank primarily, I would like something that does some self-healing like we used to have and either makes our AOEs a bit stronger damage wise or adds something to them, like short CCing or something of that sort. Deprecading (sp) volts used to heal and that was the reason we built our stacks up before using it. It gave us more to help ourselves and allowed the healers a potential break to help the raid or group a bit.

Also, moves that can increase our damage absorption or avoidance altogether would be a close second in my opinion or even gives more absorption for the group. It doesn't need to be a lot as our stats are already pretty decent but a tank should be absorbing that damage a lot and I know on some bosses, even with research, I still feel like paper. I don't think we should be OP by any stretch but I do want to feel more like "I can handle this guys, you do the damage to take him down." Tactics are still important as they should be so it's a balancing thing. I know bosses are super in their own right but man do I wish tanks could interrupt or better avoid some of their moves more often because that is our job.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for this opportunity to tell you my thoughts!
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